Bachelor Party


Big night out with the guys before D day. Wedding planning can take a toll on both bride & groom, so just before things come to their culmination point, it's time for you and the guys to blow some steam off. Be prepared to hit the town and just sit back after all that planning and hard work. Jump in and enjoy cocktails at the back of the limo, or if you'd rather have a more butch vehicle, then book our Escalade or any other large SUV. 

Plan out all the stops you want to make during your night out. Once you're on the road, worry not, your driver will take care of the rest; even get a few pointers on where to go next in case somewhere cool just popped into your heads. 

Make sure all the guys in your group are having fun, what's most important, make sure all the guys stick together at the end of the night (although one or two might be lost for a period of time during the evening).