Perhaps it's a small professional get together, or perhaps it's the best and biggest event of the year in your industry. Make sure you're prepared for the mayhem, if that's the case, and don't worry about taking your car if you're a local or worrying about whose service to hire if you're from out of town. 

In Atlanta, we'll make sure to take care of your team and co-workers. If you're the person in charge of organizing your group, don't hesitate to reach out to us and we'll help you figure out schedules, distances and the best palces to stay at to be near the convention and everything that happens around it.

It's easy to book online, but if you still have any other questions, you can contact us directly through our phone number or e-mail address. Our driver will make sure to accommodate your whole group, no matter how large your party is. Thank you for choosing Movéo and enjoy your convention!