Night Out


Time to loosen up that tie of yours and get your jacket off. Grab a few beers from your fridge and call your friends up for a much deserved night out. Get off that office skirt and call up your best friend. You know you have a couple of places in mind you'd l ike to visit during the night, or may be even you have a reservation for the opening of the next "IT" club. Either way, transportation is of the utmost importance. Who wants to drive after a night of partying?

So you can't decide whether you should book a long stretch limo or an SUV. It all depends on how many people are coming, and just the kind of place you're visiting. As soon as you get your choice down, you can book online and know that your driver will be on time to get the party started. 

You'll be notified via SMS as soon as the driver is near. Hop on at the back and start laughing and hanging out with your friends. When least expected, you'll be arriving to your destination. The driver comes around to get the door for you, so the chain man we'll know exactly who should skip that awful queue around the corner and straight into the party.