Sporting Event


Tennis, NBA, NFL or MLB? May be even a little PGA on the side. How are you going to get to these very important events? Make sure to arrive on time, and of course in comfort. But if you want to get there beforehand and still hang out with your friends without having to worry where to park your car, just book a Moveo vehicle and you'll be all set. 

Each sporting event has a different sort of elegance to it. Make sure you match it with the adequate vehicle model. We have town cars, limousines, SUVs or even a motor coach if you're planning on taking a whole group to the event. Imagine taking a group of co-workers to a very important basketball game as a reward for their performance. 

It's easy to book a vehicle online with Movéo. Just go to "Reserve Now" and let the experience begin. You will instantly have access to a great display of cars, SUVs and limousines. Your driver will notify you of his whereabouts and ETA. Enjoy the game and let's play ball!